Tooth Removal

We are pleased to announce that Staveley Dental Care are commencing the delivery of Intermediate Minor Oral Surgery on a private basis including Intravenous Sedation.

Our specialist Oral Surgeon will be carrying out all aspects of treatments offered in this document.

This service will offer the following treatments:
Surgical extractions / Failed extractions – £350

IV Sedation for Extractions only

Assessment Fee £100
(non-refundable if unsuitable for sedation in general practice)

£200 for provision of sedation per appointment thereafter NB: extraction cost will need adding onto the cost of the sedation.

IV sedation will be spread over 2 appointments, one initial assessment, followed by the treatment on a separate occasion.

The service is for adult patient’s i.e. 18 years of age and over who are a patient at any NHS or Private Dental Provider and would not like to wait more than 6 weeks for their Oral Surgery treatment to be completed through the NHS.

Tooth Removal Chesterfield