Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is becoming increasingly popular as more and more of us realise what a huge impact it can have on our smile and confidence.

Tooth whitening is a simple, straight forward and painless procedure which will dramatically improve the shade of your teeth.

Over the course of time, the natural whiteness of the teeth can fade and our day to day lifestyle habits and diet can have an impact on the colour of the teeth.

Many of us drink tea, red wine and coffee on a daily basis and this can gradually stain the teeth; smoking can also have a significant impact on the colour of the teeth.

Whitening treatments can help to restore the natural whiteness of the teeth, boosting your confidence and giving you a smile to be proud of.

At Staveley Dental Care we recognise the importance of a great looking smile and we are delighted to be able to offer our patients a comprehensive range of whitening treatments.

Boutique by Day

This fast-acting, 6% hydrogen peroxide formula guarantees great results with just 90 minutes of daily use. Call 01246 471 047 today to book in for only £295!

100% safe tried and tested

We only use fully trained professionals and these systems are not available in the shops!
Tooth Whitening
Home Whitening System

Each procedure varies slightly depending on the product selected however most involve these steps:

Step 1: Our cosmetic dentist will take an accurate impression of your teeth.

Step 2: Special ‘Custom-made’ bleaching trays are constructed by an experienced dental technician

Step 3: These trays into which the gel is applied are worn at home typically for 2 weeks /30mins per day. Wearing time varies from min 20mins per day to overnight depending on the product selected.

Your cosmetic dentist and treatment coordinator will fully demonstrate to you how to use the home whitening kit before you take it home and provide you with the backup of fully written instructions and one on one support throughout your treatment.
Airflow Tooth Stain Removal

Fed up with stained teeth? You are not alone!

Tooth stain removal is increasingly popular and it is also essential before procedures for tooth whitening.

The most common causes of tooth staining are due to the everyday things that we enjoy such as tea, coffee, wine, nicotine etc.

Our state of the art dental clinic in Staveley will have your teeth stain-free and back to their natural colour within minutes, using this revolutionary AIRFLOW™ technology.

A mixture of air and special Airflow™ lemon flavoured powder is combined with a water jet to remove plaque and staining from teeth, fast and painlessly.